Mens Lingerie by Spangla Designs – making men’s underwear fantasies valid…

Spangla "Underwear with Personality," is all about creating a unique underwear experience just for you! Our brand is based in Gold Coast, Australia and have been in the business for 30 years, perhaps when men have decided to explore further and deeper on lingerie and all the little intimate stuff for their fantasies and private moments. We offer great service to our clients worldwide, catering to their specific needs and preference in design and style of mens underwear. To this day, we continue to deliver a wide range of options for mens underwear and mens lingerie, also offering new and interesting lines to explore.

We are a reputable online shop specializing in providing underwear, lingerie and accessories to our customers through our website
Our goal is for our customers to have a satisfying online shopping experience that will leave them coming back for more. We love to listen to our customers first, attend to their requests for modifications and we do everything we can to provide this experience with excellent price points, large selection of items and fantastic customer service. 

We continue to hear our customers as each have their own vision and fantasy of a mens underwear style. We are here, ready to help in this area as we believe that mens underwear and lingerie is a fundamental part of daily life and not all designs were created equal for everyone. Requests for a specific colour for a ready-made design and even a more personalized adjustments for a “package” size and built is not peculiar to us and we would love to make them specially for you.

We love to introduce something different in men's underwear than the expected and that is why we continue to explore the possibilities and innovations of underwear and lingerie for men (and women) to try on their intimate moments. Our men's underwear website includes ranges such as G-stringsThongs, Bra Tops, Camisoles, Garter Belts, Corsets and Bikini Briefs for everyday and also for special or themed occasions. Everything you need is here - from satin robes, boxer shorts, sling thongs, jockstraps and pouches, to the fun and frisky novelty and adult themed costumes.

Spangla also heeds the call of our customers asking us to bring back a specific range or collection of mens underwear produced in the past. Most of the time, these are the extra sexy undies, which include a more transcendent gender range for modern day males. The Spangla range is only manufactured in Australia and every detail - from design to sewing the product - is carefully supervised so our customers will receive a beautifully made garment just for them. New and exciting designs (not boring) will be introduced on a regular basis, which will be put on the website for our customers to browse, so do check us out as a habit! We hope you will enjoy this collection of Underwear Fun as we do, designing it for you.


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